How to organise your laundry area

21st May 2019

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Doing the laundry is one of those chores in the house that you either love or hate. Whatever your feelings towards this chore, this task will be a lot more pleasant if you have a well-organised laundry area.

Laundry rooms have now become an integral part of home design. Homeowners often orient their laundry area near the kitchen or near the bathroom. There are no hard and fast rules about this one. The decision on where to put the laundry area all depends on your habits. It is a homeowner’s preference. After all, you do your own laundry, not your designer.

It would be nice to have a room devoted to laundry. But with a limited budget, a closet space may be enough. As long as you plan it right, any space can be perfected to your needs.

Laundry organisation tips

  1. Think about your workflow for that is how you arrange the elements in your laundry area. Your bins for soiled clothes should be near the sink or washer. There are bins that come with compartments so laundry is easy to sort. Most home improvement stores have a wide array of racks and bins to make your laundry more organized.
  2. Dryer should be near the washer to eliminate the unnecessary travel from one machine to the other.
  3. Your ironing equipment should be placed in your laundry area so it would be easier for you to iron clothes after they dry. To save space, incorporate a wall-hinged ironing board for your convenience. The iron should have adequate space from the other appliances.
  4. A counter space should be allotted for folding.
  5. Hanger space is also ideal so you can immediately hang clothes that cannot be folded.
  6. Adequate shelving for the soap and other laundry supplies should be considered.
  7. Make the items easy to reach to whoever uses the machines but place it high enough to keep them away from the reach of a small child.
  8. Have a sewing kit stored nearby so you can fix those buttons and hems. Necessary repairs are often noticed during laundry. Have this area properly lighted for sewing.

Unless you buy clothes every day and throw them the next day, you need to do the laundry. If you skip this household task, you will end up with mountains of them. In a large family, laundry quickly piles up. An organised laundry area makes the job easier, manageable and efficient.

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