DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

17th December 2019

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Christmas is a great time to start making your own decorations. It is a fun way to create new traditions and fun memories. Use these ideas to create fun DIY Christmas Tree Decorations.

This is a list of beautiful DIY Christmas decorations. None are so complicated that you will want to throw it at the tree instead of hanging it there. As a bonus, these are all inexpensive to make because no one wants to spend a fortune on a Christmas craft. Budgets are tight already with buying Christmas presents. I think you are going to love these DIY Christmas tree decorations. 

12 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations to Make This Christmas

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Create your own baubles – Designing and customising your very own set of baubles, allowing you to add a splash of creativity and personalisation to this festive time of year. You could even make individual baubles for each family member.

How to Make a Christmas Tassel Garland – Garlands are a must-have on any Christmas tree. This simple to make tassel garland will add a fun and unique look to your Christmas tree. 

How to Make Dried Citrus Christmas Ornaments – Try these dried orange slices with star anise. It makes the prettiest ornament and gives off a natural and fragrant holiday smell. They’re so simple to make and look like glowing, stained-glass windows!

Marble Ornament – This is a very popular trend on Pinterest right now. These marbled ornaments are chic, easily customizable and so easy to do. 

Photo Ornaments – You have so many beautiful pictures that are taking up space on your phone. Use this DIY ornament idea to bring those pictures out where you can see them. 

Retro Paper Ornaments – These are cute 3D paper ornaments. You can be creative with solids colours or patterns. These ornaments will twirl around and create a striped effect. 

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Snowy Golden Pinecone – This is a fun twist on the traditional pine cone ornaments. This pine cone ornament matches more the wintertime theme by being snow-covered. 

Marble Star Ornaments – These ornaments give a beachy feel because they resemble seashells. Create a beach-themed tree with these ornaments or just add a few to give it a fun look. 

Popcorn Ornaments – This is a fun idea. You will be popping the popcorn directly in the glass ornament bringing a twist to the classic popcorn garland. 

Old School Lights – These are a fun way to get Christmas “lights” on your tree. These ornaments are shimmery from glitter so you do not have to worry about them burning out. 

Temporary Tattoo Ornament – This is a very fun idea. Use your favourite temporary tattoos to decorate ornaments. You can find tattoos in all styles, so the possibilities are endless. 

Sprinkle Confetti – Is there anything better than a dose of sugar on the tree. Use colourful candies to create these ornaments. These also make great gift ideas. 

These are just a few fun ideas to create your own DIY Christmas Decorations. If you make any of these, please be sure to tag me on social media. I can not wait to see your creations. 

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