How To Care For Trees On Your Property

Effective Ways To Care For Trees On Your Property

4th March 2022

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There are reportedly about three billion trees in the UK, approximately 47 for every Brit. Many of these trees are found in many homes in the UK since Brits are big on gardening and landscaping. These trees beautify your property and provide shade for outdoor relaxation. Therefore, it is prudent to care for trees properly to keep them growing strong and lush. Below are some top tips for caring for trees on your property.

How to care for trees on your property

How To Care For Trees On Your Property

Water effectively

Water is vital to all trees and plants in your garden and front yard. Therefore, watering is one of the best things you can do to care for trees and maintain them as well as other greenery on your property. You can water your trees deeply throughout the summer months. However, you may not need to water your trees during winter unless they are pretty young. A rule of thumb for watering trees is to provide 15-25 gallons of water per week to every tree on your property.

Furthermore, prevent wasteful runoff when watering by keeping your hose on low for about 30 mins at the base of trees. In addition, you can put 5-gallon buckets with holes underneath at the base of your trees and fill them up five days a week.

Prune them properly

Many experts agree that pruning your trees is essential to keeping them strong and healthy. Proper pruning can alter the form and growth of your trees. You can also consider pruning as preventive maintenance for disease and insect damage. Indeed, several problems can be prevented through correct pruning during trees’ formative years.

It is best to prune when your trees are dormant and have no leaves. Tree lopping, a type of pruning, is also worth considering to cut off the top of your trees and remove some of their branches or stems. Lopping gives trees a better appearance and eliminates excess weight to promote better growth.

How To Care For Trees On Your Property

Try mulching

Mulching involves covering the soil around your tree with leaves, wood chips, bark, and other organic material to conserve moisture and improve soil condition. It also suppresses weeds, protects against lawn mower cuts, and enhances landscape beauty. However, it is best to conduct mulching well since you can destroy your trees’ roots if you get it wrong.

You can start by removing all grass underneath the trees. Then, spread up to 4 inches of mulch around the base of your trees for the best results. Alternatively, you can mulch around your trees using the famous 3-3-3 rule. This rule involves applying three inches of mulch to each tree in a three-foot ring with a three-inch space around the trunks.

Fertilise when necessary

Natural plant materials like grass clippings and leaves enrich the soil around trees in the forest. However, your regular yard raking removes these natural nutrient sources. Consequently, occasionally fertilise the soil around trees to release essential nutrients necessary for growth. You can test the soil intermittently to see which nutrients are missing or in short supply before fertilising.