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9 Affirmations That Will Help Calm Anxiety

28th April 2023

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Anxiety is something that many of us can struggle with. It might be that you struggle with anxiety in the workplace or in social situations or it could be a more long-term thing where you struggle with intrusive thoughts. Anxiety isn’t something that affects everyone in the same way, and we can all cope with it differently. Affirmations are a great way to help control the narrative of our thoughts, which are often what induce anxiety in the first place. So I wanted to share with you some affirmations that will help calm anxiety. 

Calm Anxiety with these Affirmations

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This too shall pass

This is one of the most common sayings and affirmations and is relevant for so many people, circumstances, and situations. Most periods of anxiety will pass, and it is important to remind ourselves that while we may feel trapped or anxious at the moment, the moment will pass you by soon. That can bring extra relief and calm to know that things are just temporary. 

I am strong

When you are feeling anxious it can often be good to remind yourself that you are strong. Anxiety can have a habit of making us feel weak or inferior, especially when it comes to situations and environments we might be facing. These could include situations where you’re not feeling like you can dig deeper, such as when attempting to overcome addiction in any form.

But whether you are detoxing at home, undergoing rehab, or you are trying to muster the courage from within but it doesn’t seem to be coming, this is when an affirmation can make all the difference. An affirmation to remind yourself that you are strong can give you a sense of confidence that you can get through it and the feelings of anxiety will pass by. 

I take things one step at a time

Sometimes anxiety can mean that you are facing a situation that may take time or feel triggering or challenging to you. So a great affirmation to use in this citation is to remind yourself that you are taking things one step at a time. You can only put one foot in front of the other, and take steps, which is why this is such a positive affirmation to help keep you calm

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I inhale peace and exhale worry

Anxiety can often mean you feel panicked and short on breath. Panic attacks are very common and some are minor whereas others can feel debilitating. So as you focus on your breathing, which is one of the best ways to calm yourself down, you can use this affirmation as a reminder that you inhale peace and you are exhaling and ridding yourself of the worry. 

I trust myself 

In some cases, we can often go against our own better judgement or git instinct when we feel anxious so this affirmation is an excellent reminder that you need to trust yourself and what you are doing. Perhaps with decisions you are making or challenges that you face. You trust yourself to make the right choices and to take the right steps. 

I let go and I am free

We can often feel like anxiety takes hold of us, and it can not only mentally stop us in our tracks but also physically. So if you are struggling with a period of anxiety then this affirmation can help. Remind yourself that you are letting go and that you are free. Free from anxiety, free from negative thoughts, and free from that constricted feeling that anxiety can give us. 

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I am safe

In some cases, when it comes to anxiety we can often be in that flight or fight mode. We often want to escape the situation and feel unsafe in the situation we face or the circumstances we are in. Reminding yourself that you are safe, especially using the affirmation in an environment that is comfortable to you such as your home, can be hugely beneficial to help you calm down when you feel anxious. 

I love and I am loved

Anxiety can sometimes make us question our own thoughts. You may question whether you are loved or lovable or indeed that you can offer those feelings back to someone else. Anxiety is usually intrusive thoughts that can be linked to insecurities. So this affirmation to remind yourself that you love and can be loved back is a great way to help you keep calm when you question the intentions of others. 

I like myself and that is enough

Finally, when we feel anxious the first person we are likely to attack is ourselves with intrusive thoughts. We can question who we are, and what people may be thinking or even saying about us behind our backs. So a great way to help you feel more at ease is to like yourself. Tell yourself that you like yourself and that is enough. Being comfortable with who you are is the first step to overcoming the anxiety that is brought on by social situations or relationships. 

I hope that these affirmations help you to calm anxiety.