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How To Clean A Bathroom Checklist

14th February 2023

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Cleaning a bathroom is not a chore most people like to do. However, with some basic cleaning products and a strategy, it can be done quickly and easily.

Music makes time pass by faster, no matter what you’re doing. You can listen to the radio or a streaming service such as Amazon Music or YouTube. You’ll find the tasks you are doing while cleaning a bathroom will become less monotonous. You may even find yourself enjoying them.

Clean Bathroom Preparation: Have A Strategy When Cleaning A Bathroom

Needless to say, when doing anything you should have a plan of action. Bathroom cleaning is no different. Instead of randomly grabbing this and cleaning that; put some structure into your actions and bathroom cleaning will go by much quicker.

The first thing to do is gather up all your towels, shower curtains, bath mats and rugs and put them in the washing machine. Next, get all the bottles and soap dishes, and counter items out of the bathroom. Wipe them off with a damp microfiber cleaning pad and set them aside. When the bathroom cleaning is all done you can put them back in their places.

Bathroom Cleaning Technique: The Top/Down Method Is A Good Idea

With the bathroom cleaning top/down method, you start at the top of the entire bathroom and work your way down. Depending on your bathroom, this could mean dusting off a ceiling fan and working your way down to mopping the bathroom floor. A variation of this would be dividing your bathroom into sections and cleaning each section from the top down. For large bathrooms, this could mean dividing it up into the shower/tub area, the counter/vanity area, and the toilet area.

The bathroom is one potentially dangerous area of the house. Here there is a potential for injury, illness, infection, or expensive damage to the home. Detail-cleaning is an important part of keeping a bathroom safe and healthy. This is a good thing to do when you first move in, or if you’re trying to not get kicked out. Consider scheduling one day every six months for deep cleaning and maintenance.

bamboo toothbrushes in glass in stylish bathroom - Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: The Top/Down Method

How to Deep Clean the Bathroom Checklist

It takes about four hours to thoroughly clean a full-sized bathroom from top to bottom. It’s a great way to relieve stress and burn calories. Start by putting on music that gets you moving, and then follow this bathroom cleaning checklist:

Clear the clutter

Remove everything from your bathroom cabinet and bottles, soaps, candles, brushes, magazines, plungers, air fresheners, hair dryers, wire shelves, tissues, and even toilet paper (you don’t want it to get wet.) Take down the blinds if you can. Get everything out of the shower, off the floor, out of the medicine cabinet, and out from under the bathroom sink. Pile it together someplace out of the way. Put the curtains and the plastic shower curtain in the laundry, as well as towels. Clean all rugs accordingly. Remove the garbage bin too, but you’ll want to keep it handy.

Now that you’re down to the bare porcelain, it is time to whip out the cleaners. Here you can use what’s best for you. You will need one rinse-free disinfectant spray cleaner for wiping, and a powdered cleanser for scrubbing. Get some toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush. Toward the end, you’ll need a glass cleaning solution. A rag or sponge will help wipe the surfaces, and an old toothbrush will get into those hard-to-reach places.

Wipe the floor

You’ll want to wipe the floor first to not track dirt and hair all over the place. Spray the floor with a water mixture that includes an all-purpose cleaner. The purpose of spraying the floor is to weigh down the dust and hair, making it easier to wipe up. It is also an opportunity to disinfect. (Simple bleach water works well to disinfect the surface of the floor and whiten the sealant between the tiles.) Once the floor is soaked, give it a good scrub and wipe it with a paper towel. Make sure to get under the toilet and behind the door. Leave no corner untouched.

Clean the sink basin

Wet the sink and dump in some powdered cleanser. Take your rag or sponge and wipe around the entire area, giving extra attention to stubborn spots. Make sure to get out to all the edges, and also the base of the tap/faucet. Use the old toothbrush to get gunk and mould out from the faucet and handles. Once everything is loosened, rinse thoroughly.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: The Top/Down Method

Clean under the sink

Wipe the porcelain base if there is one. If there is a cabinet, clean out bugs and cobwebs, loose dust and dirt, mold, and drips. This is a good time to check for any defects in the plumbing as well.

The purpose of cleaning the sink before any other fixture is so that you can use the sink to clean other things. You don’t want to clean dirty things in a dirty sink.

Wipe the walls

Water, soap scum and grime splash up from the sink onto the surrounding walls and mirrors. This is easy to wipe off with a wet rag or sponge. If you want to disinfect, spray the wall with a cleaner. Make sure to wipe the entire wall, even those areas that don’t look dirty. Once you wipe them, you will see a difference.

If your bathroom and shower walls have a tile ledge, make sure to wipe off the dust. Wipe down the window sill and the stationary shelves if you have them. If your toothbrush holder is attached to the wall, use the old toothbrush to loosen mould and grime from the holes. As you spray and wipe, rinse the rag in the newly cleaned sink.

Wipe the bathroom door

Yes, even the door of the bathroom gets dirty. The surface collects dust and lint, and the doorknob collects germs. Spray and wipe the door on both sides, including the top, and don’t forget the door frame.

Wipe the light bulbs above the vanity

Light bulbs collect dust, lint, and sometimes cobwebs. This needs to be cleaned like everything else. It might help to take a break here, turn off the lights and let them cool down. You can unscrew the light bulbs to wipe them or just brush a damp cloth over them. Donít forget to also wipe the fixture that holds them.

Wipe the medicine cabinet

Clear it from dust and spills on the inside, as well as the top. This is a good time to rotate the shelves.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: The Top/Down Method

Wipe the ceiling

With the spray bottle in hand, look up and note any mouldy spots on the ceiling. Get a ladder and wipe them down. The existence of mould in your house will weaken your immune system, so it is worth your time and effort to clean it out.

Clean the vents

If you can remove the grid, take it off and scrub it with water and cleaner to remove dusty build-up. Dry it, and re-install. Give yourself a good stretch and get a drink of water. You are halfway done. The next thing would be the shower and the toilet.

Clean the shower stall

Wet the entire area and scrub it with the cleanser. Loosen the grime on the walls and the floor, and then rinse. Take the old toothbrush and scrub it inside the main drain and the emergency drain. Clean the faucet handles, the shower head and the area around them. If you have glass shower doors, make sure you get into the grooves to clean out the scum and mould. Go over everything again with the spray and wipe it clean. Don’t forget to give a good wipe to the curtain rod as well.

Clean the shower curtain

The cloth ones can go in the laundry, but the vinyl ones should be washed by hand in the bathtub. Fill up the tub with warm soapy water, and let the shower curtain soak. Scrub it inch by inch, paying special attention to the corners that fold in and accumulate mould. Drain the water and rinse. You can let it dry by hanging it over the curtain rod or on a clothesline. Put a clean towel underneath to catch the drips. While the shower curtain dries, you can start cleaning the toilet.

Unscrew the toilet seat

If it helps to make faces and sneer at it, go ahead. This is a great way to clean out the gunk in the hinge mechanism and to get a more thorough cleaning of the underside. You can clean it in the bathtub or the sink, or take it out to the backyard with a hose and scrub brush. You should also clean the screws that hold it in place. After removing all the gross stuff, wipe it down with a disinfectant.

crop person cleaning toilet rim with sponge - Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: The Top/Down Method

Clean the toilet

While the seat is drying, clean the bowl as you normally would with a bathroom cleaner or a toilet cleaner. Do this as many times as necessary to get the water to flush clear. Make sure to wipe down the tank as well as the rim. Also get under it and behind it. This is a good time to ensure the mechanisms are all in working condition.

Put the toilet back together

Reinstall the toilet seat. Breathe in a sigh of relief because you are almost done!

Clean what’s left

Empty the trash and wash the garbage bin. Put it in the tub along with the wire shelves, plunger, and shower caddies. Fill the tub with water and a disinfectant cleaner. Scrub, rinse, and dry. Put them back in place. You can re-clean the tub if you wish.

Clean the glass

Mirrors, windows, shower doors, and stainless steel can all be brightened with the same glass cleaner. If glass cleaner leaves streaks, then use plain water and wipe it dry.

Put everything in place

Re-hang the shower curtain. Put clean rugs and towels in place. Put the tissues and the toilet paper back in. This is what your bathroom wants to be like.

Before putting anything else back into your bathroom, you want to make sure it belongs there. If so, make sure that it’s all clean.

set of skin care products in contemporary bathroom - Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: The Top/Down Method

Reduce your pile of stuff

Eliminate trash, empty bottles, expired medications, deadened air fresheners, dusty potpourri, and dirty razors. Say goodbye.

Do you burn candles? Do you use body splash? Do you read books? If not, do away with them. Are you done with those magazines? Are there products that you don’t want to use any more? If so, there is no reason to put them back in the bathroom.

Clean your toiletries and accessories

Bring your pile of useful toiletries to the sink. Wash the slime out of the soap dish and put a dry bar in it. Clean the outside of the soap dispenser and refill it. For bottles, candles, and knickknacks, wash the dust off the top and get the mould off the bottom. Get the goop off the toothpaste cap, and give yourself a new toothbrush. Dry your bottles and containers, and put them where they belong.


Open a new air freshener, and smile. Youíre done.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: The Top/Down Method

Popular Bathroom Cleaning Products

You don’t need a lot of different bathroom cleaning products, just a few will do.

Cleaning products for ceilings, lights and fans

For getting the dust off ceiling fans and light fixtures, and cobwebs off the wall, a good product to use is an extendable duster. It is a rounded bristle ball attached to the end of an extension pole. It is great for reaching high places without a ladder.

Cleaning products for windows and mirrors

For cleaning windows and mirrors, a good product is Windex. The glass on the shower door accumulates soap film and Windex won’t work well for that. In this case, you’ll need to use a product called CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust). You apply it to a cloth and wipe the shower glass. It also comes in spray bottle form.

Cleaning products for the bathtub and sink

For cleaning the inside of a bathtub and counter sink, a cleanser such as Vim, Ajax, or Comet works well. For cleaning the outside of the bathtub, a disinfectant wipe or a spray liquid such as 409, Fantastic, or Simple Green works well. For cleaning the mould and mildew off the grout in the bathtub/shower area, a product called Tilex works well.

Cleaning products for bathroom counters

Bathroom counters can also be cleaned with Fantastic, 409, and Simple Green; as well as a damp cloth dipped in a dish soap and water solution. Custom bathroom counters can be made out of very expensive slabs of stone, and some bathroom cleaning products may harm them. Always read the labels to make sure what surfaces are safe to use the products on.

Cleaning products for baseboards and trim

Disinfectant wipes are good to use on baseboards and the trim around doors. They can also be used on door knobs and door panels. They also work well on cleaning the outside of the toilet. Any of the spray liquids previously mentioned can also be used on the outside of the toilet.

Cleaning products for the toilet

A cleanser such as Ajax or Comet is good for cleaning the inside of the toilet. Once cleaned, adding the disinfectant Pine-Sol will kill germs and add a nice smell.

Cleaning products for the bathroom floor

Pine-Sol mixed with lukewarm water is very effective in cleaning bathroom floors. First vacuum the floors, then mop the floor and let them dry.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: The Top/Down Method | natural soap and brush on folded towels

Cleaning a bathroom doesn’t have to be an arduous chore. With some basic bathroom cleaning products and a plan, it can be accomplished easily.

Now that your bathroom is fresh and new, you can maintain it over the next few months with quick and simple cleaning techniques. You can enjoy feeling safe and clean and welcoming guests with confidence.

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