5 Tips For Baking With Kids

14th October 2019

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Baking with kids is such a fun way to enjoy childhood with your kids. With childhood passing by so quickly, it’s important that you find creative ways to have some fun together. I’ll admit baking with kids is a messy deal, but it can be so rewarding and fun.

If you’re thinking about baking with kids but want some tips to make the process a little easier, fun and less messy, then continue reading for my best tips for getting in the kitchen baking with kids successfully.

Get The Ingredients Out

Before doing anything, make sure you have all of the ingredients set out on the counter. You will not want to turn your head while baking with kids or else you may turn back around to a mess! Nevermind the safety issues that can be found in the kitchen, so make sure you have all of the ingredients out before you start to bake with kids.

Have Supplies Within Reach

Whatever you need to use for bowls, utensils, mixers and so on during this session of baking with kids make sure it’s all within reach. Again, turning your head while baking with kids is never really a good idea. Just make sure your gadgets, utensils and all baking supplies are within hands reach.

Set the Rules

Kids will generally behave better when they what’s expected of them. Review all of the safety rules for baking with kids, the expectations you have and so on with the kids before you even begin to make a recipe with kids. This will allow the kids to know what you expect from them so that there’s little room for mistakes and bad or unsafe behaviour while baking with kids.

Opt for Simple

If this is the first time you’re baking with kids or the kids are younger, then it’s important that you opt to go with a simple recipe. This will make sure your kids stay focused on the recipe creation and don’t get too bored. A simple recipe is always a good starting point for first-time kid bakers too.

Assign Tasks

This is an especially important tip for baking with kids if you’re going to be in the kitchen with more than one child. Make sure each kid has an assigned task so there’s no arguing about what they’re going to do. Split the recipe and other tasks up in between each of you so that everything is done right, but all of you have your own job to complete the recipe perfectly.

At the end of the day, there’s really no wrong way to bake with kids, well I suppose you could not pay close enough attention to safety risks in the kitchen, but overall baking with kids is as simple as preparing full, explaining the rules and then being more open-minded about having a messy kitchen after you’re done baking with kids.

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