Bensons for Beds has partnered with renowned interior designer Sir Terence Conran to create an exclusive bedframe, the Harper.

This is the first time the iconic designer has collaborated with a bed retailer and it really celebrates the skilled design and craftsmanship of Sir Terence Conran as well as the heritage of Britain’s leading bed specialist.… View Post

It’s nearly time to bid goodbye to winter, so let’s look forward and make the most of what spring has to offer us. If you are still struggling to pay your credit card bills after Christmas, a perfect way to socialise is to throw house parties and garden parties. But if your home isn’t up to code (in other words, not ready for party time!), are there any simple things you can do to give your home that makeover it desperately needs, but also shake up your garden and turn your home into a family-friendly and fun party zone that pleases adults and kids alike?… View Post

If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on cleaning products, then you can make the switch to using products that might not seem like they have a huge amount of cleaning power, but actually can be pressed into service for a number of tasks. Below are the ten products you’re going to want to stock up on, as well as a few ideas for how they can be used to produce the sparkling home you want– but without the expense.… View Post