Great ideas for your new and improve spring cleaning ritual

19th March 2018

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When emerging from winter, many view this as the best time to grow and start fresh given the natural feelings in the spring season. The time is perfect for decluttering and deeply cleaning everything in your home so you can move into the warmer months with a fresh new attitude towards keeping your house in top shape.

Get the best you can afford

The total cost of buying everything you need for a spring cleaning fest can be fairly high. However, buying the very best that you can afford will provide assistance in two main important ways. Firstly, higher quality products will give you an easier cleaning experience and give you a more quality finish to your work. If you invest in whatever you can now it will also last for years and every spring for the years to come you’ll be glad that you invested in quality.

Throw it out

Spring is the time for rebirth and in the cleaning world, this means getting rid of things that you don’t use or remotely need. Every house will naturally fill up over the space of a year full of things that have been bought on a whim or gifted by someone who doesn’t fully understand what you actually want. Now is the time to get rid of it; take it to a charity shop if possible but otherwise putting all that clutter in the trash will make the job of cleaning the house so much simpler.

Use everyone you can

If you have a household full of kids or a partner who doesn’t do their fair share of cleaning, now is the time to get them involved. Have them do some of the simpler tasks to help you streamline your work, allowing you to get the big jobs done quickly and efficiently whilst. This will cut down massively on the time it takes you to have a fresh and clean new living space.

Be comfortable

Wearing skinny jeans and nice shirt maybe great for going out, but for cleaning it’s so much easier to do in the loosest fit clothes that you have. This will go a long way in helping you to be mobile around the house and comfortable when carrying out some of the more strenuous cleaning tasks like vacuuming all around the house or cleaning the attic.

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