Bring a Little Boho to Your Home

30th January 2018

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If you want your home interior to be completely cosy, while also being pretty contemporary and standing out from the average home, then you need to bring a little bit of boho into your home.

Here are some simple ways that you can update your home with a few choice boho touches:

Rock the Rattan Look

You might think of rattan as being more for the garden or conservatory, but it is the perfect material to create a boho vibe in any part of the home. Why?Because it’s natural, tactile and very easy to fit into any room. Whether you choose a rattan piece from the unique furniture collection from Cuckooland, hand rattan pendants or even weave your own sculpture out of the material, rocking the rattan look will give your home a firm foundation in boho.

Plant Power

Plants and flowers are a big part of creating the boho vibe, so you’re going to want to add a few choice pieces in as many rooms as possible. Right now, cacti are pretty popular, and they fit the boho bill perfectly. Use a large cactus as a statement piece or group together sets of three smaller ones anywhere you have a space for a more subtle effect.

Hang a Chair

No truly boho home would be without a hanging chair in the living room or study. The best place to hang such chairs is in a cosy nook where you can nestle in with a good book and forget the world.

Pretty Persian Rugs

When it comes to flooring, whether you have wood or carpet, you’re going to want to add a bright, bold rug or two into the mix. Persian rugs epitomise the boho look, so they’re a really good choice, but if they aren’t your thing, striped rag rugs are an excellent alternative and can be much more budget-friendly.

Weaves on the Walls

Woven tapestries add colour and texture to the walls and are, of course, typical of boho interior decor. You can buy them, but if you’re on the lookout for a new hobby, learning the art of macrame or tapestry weaving will be lots of fun and enable you to create lots of unique artworks for your home.

Fling Down Floor Cushions

If it’s boho you’re aiming for then, you need cushions, cushions and more cushions in every conceivable colour and style, like the ones at Etsy. As well as placing them on the couch, bed and dining chairs, make sure you buy a few floor pillows so that you can get really boho and sit, eat and relax on the floor too.

Throws are Fabulous

As well as pillows, you’re going to want to invest in lots of warm, colourful throws, such as Moroccan wedding throws, which are not only great for snuggling up in but which help you to create a unique layered look in any room.

Flower Power Wallpaper

Of course, the ultimate in boho home decor is big, bold floral wallpaper. Once you hang it up, your home will instantly be transformed into a boho paradise that will truly stand out from the crowd. If you can find retro floral wallpaper with a bit of a hippy vibe, then so much the better.

Have fun bringing the boho to your home!

Photo Credit: Megan Hodges Daryn Stumbaugh Josh Appel Annie Spratt

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