8 Steps To Starting Your Own Garden

9th October 2018

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Starting up a garden may seem tedious and cumbersome. But with the right knowledge, it can be easier than you think and of great fun too. Follow these eight steps to starting your own garden and you will be having your dream garden before you know it.

8 Steps to starting your own garden

8 Steps to starting your own garden

Start as small as you can

It can be frustrating to start up something new in a big way than you can handle, especially if you do not have prior experience in doing it. Therefore, start small, and be open to enlargement.

Select your site

You may want an ideal flat surface to set up your garden. Locate well-drained land with the right type of soil. You may also want to improve the soils with organic matter. The right location should be accessible, preferably close to your house. Your site should be well protected with a fence against pets that may eat up the vegetation. Also, ensure that there is a good and permanent source of water supply. If there is none, you can develop one by laying water pipes in the garden for proper irrigation.

Make you soils fertile

After selecting the right site of your choice, you will have to prepare a compost pile to make your soil fertile enough for the adequate growth of your plant.


The first step to take before planting in your garden will be to remove every weed on your site. You can do this manually with your hands or you can use chemicals to get rid of the weeds.

8 Steps to starting your own garden


You can prepare the site for planting by tilling it either manually or with the use of a machine. Choice of the mechanism to use in tilling the land depends on the size of your site and your budget.

Selecting your seedling

This part plays a vital role in how good your plants will produce. So, you should be careful with the choice of seedlings you choose as getting good and healthy seedlings will yield better results while bad seedlings will produce badly or may not survive.

Protect your garden

After planting your seeds, you will be faced with the task of protecting them from being destroyed by human and animal pests like rodents, insects and birds. So, you have to protect your garden with parameter fencing, using good pesticides and physically keeping watch of the garden.

Nurturing your garden

After having everything in place, you then start tendering your seedlings by watering them, applying manure, and getting rid of weeds when necessary.

8 Steps to starting your own garden

Congratulations! Now you have successfully developed for yourself as you follow the steps given above. All that is left is to nurture it, maintain it and enjoy watching your seedling mature into grown plants.

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