Ways you can improve the storage in your home

12-month cleaning calendar | November – Storage

1st November 2022

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November means that we are heading to the festive season and November is the perfect time to get organised ready for Christmas. Storage is one of the hardest things people have to cope with within their homes, stating a lack of storage is one of the biggest reasons that their homes can feel cluttered and messy.

This month you can take the time to clear out the attic, basement, the “messy” room, or those unchartered drawers you have and assess your storage needs. When it comes to decorating the house for Christmas, starting the process in early November will help you feel organised and in control of your home so you know what decorations you already have and how much space there is for new purchases and those presents you are likely to get next month. 

While you are focusing on the storage, you can also make sure those areas are cleaned up and ready so that you can access them when you need them. Don’t forget when looking for cleaning products you can check out Dr. Beckmann’s product range to help spruce up your home. So with that in mind, let’s look at how we can improve the storage in your home. 

Ways you can improve the storage in your home

Ways you can improve the storage in your home

The attic space

One area that we don’t think about until this time of the year is the attic space. It can be left untouched all year until you start to think about the Christmas presents. So it might be a good idea to get in there and get organised. You never know, there could be cash in the attic and it might be the perfect time to declutter and get rid of things you no longer want and need. You could raise some funds for the impending Christmas period.

The attic could be a more used space if it was more organised, so taking the time to get things in order could mean your attic serves you all year round and not just for those decorations. 


Another area that can get neglected is the basement. Many people use this as an extra storage space in their homes, but if it isn’t decluttered and organised regularly, then it might not be working for you. Take the time this month to empty the basement and reorganise things with boxes and even a shelving system. A basement can easily be used as an area that you can convert into another living space. 

a woman sitting in front of cardboard boxes - Ways you can improve the storage in your home

Children’s rooms 

One of the messier areas of your home might be those children’s bedrooms. Now is the perfect time to go through those toy boxes and toy chests and declutter those ones that your children no longer play with. As they may be getting new presents next month, it is a great way to make some space so that you can store away those new gifts easily. 

Porch areas 

The porch area can get a little messy every now and again, so it could be a good time to clear them out ready for the winter months ahead. It might be time to pack away any summer shoes and coats and get ready for the colder weather to come. 

Get ready for Christmas 

Finally, November is the perfect time to get ready for Christmas. Sort through your decorations and work out if you need to buy anything. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can start to enjoy the festivities and decorate your home for the busy period ahead. We can all be tempted to buy extra, but knowing what you have first will help you make more considered purchases. 

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you sort out your storage
ready for December and Christmas.