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Loop Earplugs | Hearing protection for noise reduction

13th August 2022

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For each one of your noise cancellation needs, Loop Earplugs have exactly what you need! 

We all have those days when things around us feel a little bit too overwhelming and you just want to shut everything out for a while. Whether you are a student in your last year of college or a software developer at an IT firm, you are allowed to crave silence once in a while. 

Loop Earplugs are here to help you out in all those chaotic situations. With Loop Quiet and Loop Experience, you can listen to the world around you whenever and however you want to! Loop intends to provide you with the ultimate comfort in every situation of your life. 

The Loop Quiet

Loop Quiet is made for those people who absolutely hate noise. Those who often want everything around them to be mute so they can just focus on something important. Using these earplugs, you can get in touch with your inner thoughts and find absolute peace for hours. 

When you just want to curl up with a blanket and sleep for hours, Loop Quiet is here to give you an amazing 30db of protection. When there are constant conversations of family members around you, you can use Loop Quiet to block out those sounds easily. So if you just want to listen to your own voice on days when everything is a bit too much, these earplugs have got you covered!

The Loop Experience

You must have had moments when you want to know what’s happening around you but also find some kind of silence. If you are a student wanting to study for final exams or a sports enthusiast, these can be exactly what you need in life. The Loop Experience is made for people who just want to block high-end noises and hear everything else clearly. 

Loop Experience has a filter for natural sounds and a 20db noise reduction capability.  These are perfect for days when you want to immerse yourself in working out or just work in general. If you are sensitive to loud noises, these loop earplugs are the perfect match for your precious ears! 

Special features of both Loop Quiet and Loop Experience

  • Both Loop earplugs are made out of 100% silicone so they are absolutely comfortable and won’t hurt your ears if you use them for a long time. 
  • This silicone material makes it possible for you to use these earplugs again and again.
  • They are both reusable and washable so you also get to save the environment when you use these. 
  • Each product comes with six sets of ear tips. 
  • Everything comes along with a leather case that you can take anywhere easily. 
  • Loop Quiet and Loop Experience are both designed to fit just right so you don’t even feel like you are wearing them!

Loop Earplugs are here to help you get lost in Nirvana whenever you want!

Earplugs are something that we don’t think of as necessary most times – But sometimes, they can be just what you need to calm down. Whatever kind of lifestyle you have, you cannot deny the need for superb quality earplugs. 

Both Loop Quiet and Loop Experience are created to make experiencing silence an easier task. According to your needs, both earplugs can satisfy like no one earplug can. Loop earplugs are here to fit in your life and provide you with complete comfort every day. 

If you tried multiple earplugs and never felt satisfied with what you got, this is your time to choose something that guarantees comfort and peace to you. So make sure to get either Loop Quiet or Loop Experience according to your taste and take care of your ears in the best way possible!

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