Tips For Men’s Wedding Ring Size What You Should Know

Tips For Men’s Wedding Ring Size: What You Should Know

7th April 2023

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If you are planning to tie the knot sometime in the near future, your thoughts will turn to wedding rings, and size is one aspect of that. Obviously, you want to try on rings until you find one that fits. A good fit would be a ring that only just slips over the knuckle and sits on the finger with zero movements.

If you and your partner have decided to commission matching wedding rings, the custom jeweller has measuring rings and will very quickly tell you your wedding ring size. A leading jeweller that creates custom made mens wedding bands would take your design concept and work with that to create the perfect design. The jewellery maker can work to the client’s budget, so you won’t have to break the bank.

Various Ring Size Systems

These include:

  • EU – Measures in millimetres.
  • UK – The system uses letters from A-Z.
  • US – This system uses numbers from 1-16.
  • Japan – A numeric system from 1-27.
Tips For Men’s Wedding Ring Size What You Should Know


Some people experience body swelling and this could lead to the inability to take off your wedding ring. If you find it hard to get the ring over the knuckle, it is too tight. Go at least one size bigger. Generally speaking, when people do experience body swelling, it doesn’t last long and with a little vegetable oil, you should be able to twist a tight ring off the finger.

Avoid Loose Rings 

If your wedding ring is a little loose, then you run the risk of losing it, which isn’t something to relish. You could take off the ring before sports or other activities and if your wedding ring is too loose, a custom jeweller is able to resize it. We advise that you don’t postpone this, as you may regret it later.

Finding A Bespoke Jeweller 

If you and your partner have your hearts set on designing matching wedding rings, search online for a bespoke jeweller and book a free and informal Zoom chat where you can discuss the project and the cost. Thanks to VoIP technology, you can go through the entire process of the ring design without ever meeting the jewellery maker. After an initial Zoom meeting, the jeweller has the information he needs to formulate a design and with some back and forth, the design is approved by the client and the work can begin.

Tips For Men’s Wedding Ring Size What You Should Know

Studio Invitation

Once the master jeweller has finished his work, he invites you to his studio for a private viewing, where you are presented with the ring and the gemstone certificates. If you are fully satisfied, then the transaction is complete and you can settle the invoice.

If you are out and about and wish to find out your wedding ring design, pop into a jewellery store and ask the salesperson if they can measure your ring finger. That way, you have an accurate sizing and that means you can order online.

Always remember, if in doubt, choose the next size up, and then you can be sure the ring will fit.

Time to plan the rest of the wedding

With the groom’s wedding ring sorted it is time to start planning other aspects of your wedding. You might have the colour of the wedding flowers in mind, the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses selected and an idea for wedding favours. One area that is often forgotten about when planning a wedding is the photographs. Whilst many will naturally book a wedding photographer and share the images taken on social media, but what about the photos your guests take? Take a look at the wedding photo swap where you can collect and share photos and videos taken by guests on your wedding day.