Valentine’s Day Proposal Do’s And Don’ts

26th January 2021

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Proposing to the one you love is something that often takes a lot of time and thinking behind the actual action, and it’s very common to do this romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day which is considered a romantic holiday. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to or planning to propose on Valentine’s Day, but since it is something so common there’s a lot of crucial mistakes you can know to avoid a lacklustre or bad experience for you or your partner. Here are some Valentine’s Day proposal do’s and don’ts to help you figure out what to do best in this process.  

Do have a conversation about life before you even think about proposing

You’ll need to spend time with your partner talking about your life together or what you both want in life before you consider marrying them, and they might not even be ready for it when you are. Some important topics to discuss or think about include readiness for marriage, if they want to get married, if either of you wants children, finances, positions on parenting or life topics, and so on. Anything that is important to you or your loved one for the future as well as now is important to know.  

Don’t overcomplicate the action or the day it happens

Yes, surprising your loved one is nice and to properly propose (especially on Valentine’s Day) and a good part of the event. However, too many surprises or events can make it overbearing or lacklustre. Make sure to limit the events or surprises down to one or two good ones rather than a lot of half-done or less appealing ideas. Think about what you want to happen the absolute most on this night and stick towards that idea.  

Do consider your partner’s wishes and needs

Would they like a big and public proposal or just something intimate between you two? For photographs, they’d most likely want to look good so give them a reason to dress nicely or dress up. What you may want to do may not always be the most appealing or memorable for your loved one, so it’s important to also consider their needs or preferences and find some middle ground. This can also help you determine a place to propose by thinking about their likes and preferences for dates or places to be.  

Valentine’s Day proposal

Don’t set or keep high expectations for anything involved

If you can’t afford a really expensive ring, don’t go into major debt just to get it. Similarly, don’t expect your loved one to react to the proposal a certain way or even to say yes. Everyone reacts differently. On the ring note, one thing to keep in mind is to know if they love you truly the expensive ring won’t matter. Also, don’t have expectations on place, turn of events, and so on. Be prepared for anything.

Do make reservations and plans 

Do plan some parts of your proposal before it actually happens. For example, you’ll want to consider aspects like place, any reservations you may need, how you’ll propose, anything you want to say, photography, and so on. This can give you a guideline for the events of the day. Photography can be difficult to figure out, but you may not always need a professional or fancy photo for the event either. It’s all up to you and the situation as well as what you can afford. You don’t have to go directly by the plan, but you can use it to help make the day smoother. 

Don’t put a ring on food or drinks

It seems cute and quite common, but it can be dangerous and seem pretty tacky to many people. For one your loved one could accidentally bite into or end up with the ring in their mouth which would be pretty yucky and dangerous. For two, you’ll probably end up just looking silly and not creative or thoughtful if you just have a ring put into their drink or food.  

Whether you were already planning to propose specifically on this holiday or you want to propose and you’re considering a time, this information and tips can help you to make the best decision and plan for it. A proposal is something that is so important and memorable for you and your loved one, so naturally, you would want to make it the best that you can. And, making sure that your Valentine’s Day proposal is a good one for you both can mean a lot towards how successful it is as well as how well your life together, as well as marriage, will be able to go in the future.

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