Join the upcycle revolution

It’s no secret that upcycling is in; a way to save money, reduce waste and be creative, it’s a cheap, chic and easy way to breathe new life into old products.  Moving away from the throw-away society that up until a few years ago we had found ourselves in.  There is now a call for a new take on the traditional mend and make do attitude by finding new uses for old furniture and accessories. Transforming items found around the home, car boot sales, and thrift stores along with items found loitering in family and friends garages.… View Post

Get your kitchen ready for bake off

From fruity treats and fairy cakes to tempting tray bakes and crowd-pleasing picnic cakes. Aldi is making baking easier than ever with its new summer baking collection.  Arriving in stores and online in time for the new series of the Great British Bake Off to begin next week on Channel 4.  So whether you are a fair weather baker, a fabulous home cook or just inspired by the creations from the show, there is something for each baker.  It’s time to get your kitchen ready for bake off.… View Post

A Few Favourite Things – PinkOddy

Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Joy from PinkOddy showcasing her favourite things.  Whilst finding the time to run two blogs, she also has an amazing social media presence – so do pop over and check out her Twitter or Instagram feed to see what she has been up to recently.… View Post

Great Ideas for Small Kitchens

When you are rushing around with pots and pans and ingredients getting ready for a meal, the worst thing is not having the space to move around. Yeah, the concept will be lost on those who don’t often find themselves cooking. Fret not, though. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the most of the little space you have in your tiny kitchen.… View Post

Home Organisation Ideas

No matter how many people live in your home, storage and home organisation will be something you need to put some thought into.   Thinking about which ideas you will need regular access to and those that are seasonal items that need to be stored away effectively without damage so they can be pulled out and ready to use as required.… View Post