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    Christmas decoration tips for an extra elegant holiday

    This article will provide you Christmas decoration tips that will change your home’s festive aesthetic. Here’s the way to get into Christmas spirit without over decorating.

    Christmas decoration tips for an extra elegant holiday

    Focus the table

    What’s more, in concentrating on your table, don’t hesitate to veer off from the typical red green. Instead of the customary red green theme, have a go at something fresh like a texture in Malachite plus hot pink peonies. Layer the table using highly contrasting colour combination for a realistic pop.

    Keep simple

    We rehash: Don’t go over the edge, even if it is simple. Keep continuing decorating very simple for the festivity. Fill your home with pruned paperwhites and white pruned amaryllis. Diffuse votives everywhere. Likewise, put the wreaths on entryways made of green and straight leaves, and wrap the bannisters as well as mantles using the same swags.

    Go natural

    Take motivation from nature for your home decoration. Utilise crisp evergreen limbs, festoons and wreaths joined with the current seasonal citrus such as oranges, lemons, and tangerines. It will provide your home with a delightful natural appearance, and it also smells superb.

    Artificial trees

    If you think that an actual tree messes your lounge, don’t feel attached to it. In addition, manufactured trees have wires which are anything but difficult to twist to for better holding the decorations. A couple of scented candles ought to finish the décor.

    Scent and its importance in Decor

    Surrounding is everything with regards to Christmas decoration, so ensure your environment appeal to your nose as well. When Thanksgiving is finished, keep your kettle on a burning stove filled with water, pieces of orange plus cloves. Lower the heat whenever you’re home so that the whole apartment possesses an aroma of Christmas.

    Holiday ‘Shelfie’

    Shelves ask to be the Christmas vignette, therefore turn your consideration toward sorting out them with regular cheer. Utilize the bookshelves as the opportunity to infuse a touch of festive pizzazz. Blend the dishes of ornaments, the table top trees as well as other festive accents into the bookshelves for an ultimate Christmas “shelfie”.

    Add sparkle

    Go amiss from the standard with regards to hanging the outdoor lights. Hang them around the trellis, water basins and other arranging components to light up your yard and not only your home. For a warm atmosphere, this likewise makes for stunning outdoor entertainment.

    Christmas decoration tips for an extra elegant holiday

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    Three Reasons Why Your Next Outbuilding Should Be Steel

    If you are thinking of adding a new outbuilding to your property this year, then why not consider making it a steel one?  There are many benefits that steel buildings can provide and today we are going to learn more about them.  So, if you need a new building and you are weighing your options, you just might want to pay close attention to the information below.

    Three Reasons Why Your Next Outbuilding Should Be Steel

    Three Reasons Why Your Next Outbuilding Should Be Steel

    They Don’t Have to Be Painted

    One of the best things about owning a steel building is that it doesn’t have to be painted.  Because of the type of paint used on steel buildings, the color won’t fade even in full sunlight. There are numerous steel building companies, one popular example being Armstrong Steel, who offer these maintenance-free kits that will save you a lot of money.  Because you won’t have to spend money on paint or hire someone to paint your outbuilding, you can keep more money in your pocket.  Over the years, these savings can really add up and will help cover the initial cost of erecting the building.  Additionally, you won’t need to worry about your building rotting like you would with a traditional wood framed building.

    They Are Cost Effective

    Unlike traditional buildings that cost a lot of money to erect, steel buildings require less labor.  In fact, most property owners can do the work with just a few friends.  The process of erecting a steel building will only take a few days depending on the size of the building.  Wood buildings, on the other hand, often require someone with vast knowledge of construction with specialized tools to do the job.  This can be very costly and the price of labor alone could be in the thousands of dollars.  So if you are looking to save money while still getting a building that you can be proud of, you should really think about going with steel.  You can even calculate the cost of your steel building project in just a few minutes.

    They Can Be Customized

    If you need a certain sized outbuilding and you don’t see it being offered, it’s really not a problem.  Steel building companies can easily manufacture different sized steel buildings and most of them gladly take custom orders.  So, if you need a long building with lots of windows or one that is tall enough to store large equipment, all you need to do is make a phone call. You can even design your own steel building online by using configuration software.   This is great for those homeowners that are looking to stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood.

    These are just a few reasons why so many people are now choosing to place steel buildings on their property.  Not only do they look amazing, you don’t have to worry about painting them and they are also highly affordable.  With the help of a few friends, you can even erect a steel building in just a few days.  So instead of spending a lot of money on other types of buildings, why not choose steel?  You will be glad that you did!

    Three Reasons Why Your Next Outbuilding Should Be Steel

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    How to prepare your home and garden for winter

    A new season has arrived and so has the opportunity to start thinking about small changes inside and outside to prepare your home this winter.

    Beating those winter blues is all about surrounding yourself with as much warmth and light as possible. Bosch Home and Garden offer hints and tips that not only ensure that your home feels warm and welcoming but also help prevent the cold from taking its toll on your property and heating bills.

    How to prepare your home and garden for winter

    Whether you can afford to conduct an energy audit to find the leaks and cracks or if it’s simply adding layers of insulation for warmth, now is the ideal time to winter-proof your home and garden.

    1. Protect the patio furniture and tools

    If you’re lucky enough to have a garden shed then shelter or at least cover up outdoor furniture such as your tables and chairs and your BBQ to avoid the potential of rust. Don’t forget about protecting and locking away the garden tools you won’t be using over the winter not only from the weather but for safekeeping too. For tips on protecting your garden from frost this winter visit:

    2. Clear out the gutters

    It’s important to give your gutters a clear out this winter to make sure they’re clear of all sticks, leaves, and mud. Overflowing and blocked gutters can drench walls and cause long-term damage to your property. The EasyAquatak120 high-pressure washer makes tasks like these effortless.

    3. Seal the gaps, cracks, and draughts

    To prevent chilly air from entering the home seal cracks and gaps around door frames, windows and walls using inexpensive strips of insulation, caulk or foam filler for larger areas. The Bosch IXO screwdriver can be a nifty tool for winterproofing when it comes to temporarily sealing uncovered keyholes, cat flaps or letterboxes or securing the hinges on front and backdoors. Check for draughts too and cover with draught excluders – visit here for ideas to create your own draught excluder!

    4. Give your radiators some TLC

    There’s a myth that bleeding radiators is a difficult task when actually it’s super easy and essential to keep your home warm this winter. A quick way to tell if your radiator needs bleeding is if it’s cooler at the top or at the bottom. Use a bleed key to turn the valve at the top of the radiator anti-clockwise until you hear the hissing sound of the air. Have a cloth ready for any water that drips and once the water begins to flow, tighten the valve back up again!

    5. Insulation is key

    If you live in a modern property insulation is less of a worry. If not then insulation is key and can make a huge difference in ensuring heat remains in your home resulting in cutting the cost of your energy bills. A quarter of the heat in your home can be lost through insufficient insulation in the loft alone. Installers are usually needed for cavity insulation and bigger jobs, however, for smaller insulation tasks the cordless Bosch PTK 3.6 LI tacker may come in handy for stapling thin insulation materials onto softwood.

    Winter is almost here and the desire to be inside is stronger than ever. Winter proofing is essential as let’s face it, our homes have always been at the heart of this season.

    Find inspiration and guidance, project ideas, tricks and tips for all areas of DIY and gardening to help make your house a home visit

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    How to tackle the 12 stains of Christmas

    The festive season is almost upon us and that means plenty of parties, unscheduled family drop-ins and late nights perfecting the beloved Christmas Pud. But, with all the festive traditions we love comes an increase in spills, smells, and stains from one too many glasses of mulled wine, overexcited pets and intense chocolate consumption.  And that is just the start of stains aplenty.

    This year you can keep your home looking fresh and smelling clean thanks to BISSELL’s carpet cleaning solutions which will happily tackle the 12 stains of Christmas…

    How to tackle the 12 stains of Christmas


    If like us, December is all about gorging on chocolate coins, selection boxes and Quality Street, you’re likely to have more than one occasion wherein a flurry to hide just how much of the Christmas chocolate you’ve succumbed to, it’s trodden into the carpet or squished into the sofa.

    Glitter and Glue

    Christmas means the kids are off school and they need entertaining – why not get them crafting cards and decorations for the home? Unfortunately, with that comes the threat of glue, glitter, and paint being splatted everywhere, including your carpets and rugs.


    Chicken, beef or vegetable; whatever the flavour one thing is true – gravy is amazing! Although less so when an overexcited kitchen helper accidentally knocks the jug onto the floor and Grandma’s special recipe is wolfed down by the dog…

    Dog urine

    …Which brings us on to dog urine. Bless our furry little friends who sometimes work themselves up into such a frenzy they leave us a little extra present.

    Pine needles

    Nothing beats a real Christmas tree but with children pulling off chocolates, the heating on high and a lack of water it’s sometimes not long before our beloved tree starts dropping pine needles all over the floor and oh! can they be spikey to stand on. What’s more, pine needles secrete Tannin which can leave behind an ugly stain on wood floors.

    Mulled wine

    A warm glass of mulled wine is definitely one of the best bits of Christmas. That is until you have one too many and end up with half of it seeping into your cream carpets or soaking into your wooden floors…eek!

    The aftermath of all that mulled wine…

    Although at the time a couple of bottles of mulled wine might have seemed like a good idea, the hangover it brings is a lot less fun. This year you needn’t worry if you don’t quite make it to the bathroom, even if the in-laws are on their way over!

    Cranberry sauce

    Cranberry sauce is a Christmas favourite for accompanying turkey, poultry, game, and cheese. Whatever way you’re planning on eating yours this year, you won’t have to live with a constant reminder of your feast should any fall off your plate and onto the floor.

    Fat and grease

    Both essential for a traditional slap up Christmas dinner, they might taste great smothered into your roast potatoes but on the floor can leave a nasty stain.

    Mud, puddles and grass stains

    After hours of eating, the post-Christmas dinner walk is essential for working off those extra roast potatoes. However, you’ll always have one relative who’ll forget to leave their wellies by the door leaving a trail of dirty footprints through the house.


    For those who prefer a traditional tipple at Christmas, eggnog is a delicious treat but can lead to some disastrous dance moves around the house! Although fun, this is likely to cause a spill or two and we all know how horrible stale milk can smell if left to soak into the floor.


    It’s not only children, in-laws, and pets who can create a mess at Christmas. The big jolly chap who pops down the chimney on Christmas Eve (or your other half who pretends to!) can also leave a path of soot and dust. At least this year you can quickly clean the floors before the children work out where, or should we say who, the footprints lead to!

    If you’re worried about seeing one or all of these stains this Christmas, you needn’t be. Thanks to BISSELL’s new handheld Stain Eraser you can enjoy the cordless convenience and a concentrated formula perfect for tackling pesky spills and stains, leaving you with more time to indulge with the family.

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    The Benefits of Undercabinet Lighting in Your Home

    Whether you’re currently renovating your kitchen, you’ve just purchased a new one or you are just looking for ways to enhance the lighting in the room, undercabinet lighting is a strong investment. If you’re totally new to the world of LED undercabinet lighting, here’s everything that you need to know:

    What is Undercabinet Lighting?

    Undercabinet lighting is pretty self-explanatory – it’s lighting that is placed underneath cabinets and cupboards. It’s primarily intended to be used in the kitchen, and it is useful for tasks such as cooking as there are no shadows cast.

    Types of Undercabinet Lighting

    There are several different types of undercabinet lights available on the market. There are three options for the electricity – hard-wired, plug-in or battery operated. Hardwired will be the most costly, but it means you can operate the lights via a pre-existing switch. Plug in means that there’s a switch on the light bar itself. Lastly, battery operated means you will need to turn the lights on individually. In terms of the style, you can opt for light bars or pucks. Light bars are better for larger areas, but pucks give off a more focused light. The lights themselves can be recessed into the cabinets or they can clip on to them. The lights will fit any sort of cupboard or cabinet, so even the most awkward nooks and crannies will be illuminated.

    Benefits of LED Undercabinet Lighting:

    Energy Bills

    Undercabinet lighting will save you money on your energy bills. This is because you don’t have to light up the entire room to see what you’re doing whilst you’re prepping food. LED bulbs, in general, are best for saving money, as they need less energy than a halogen bulb, meaning you can swap a halogen bulb for an LED bulb with a lower wattage and you won’t have to compromise on the level of lighting. With LED bulbs, you should start to notice savings on your energy bills after a year or so. LED bulbs also have a long lifespan, so you don’t need to be constantly replacing the bulbs either.

    Simple to Install

    Undercabinet lighting is simple to install, so you can take advantage of it even if you’re not planning to renovate your kitchen. Some undercabinet lights just require screwing or nailing in, then plugged in, and you’re ready to go. No rewiring required.

    Fewer Shadows

    With undercabinet lights, the flow of light between the fixture and the surface isn’t blocked, so there are far less shadows created. Shadows can be annoying when you’re trying to cook, so eliminating them will make a world of difference to your enjoyment when spending time in the kitchen.

    Unique Looking

    Undercabinet lights are contemporary and they often look very unique in a kitchen environment. You can get triangle shapes, rectangle shapes, oval shapes and square. You can also choose from a range of finishes such as chrome, glass and stainless steel.  You can shop a unique range of lighting at Light Supplier.

    Pocket Friendly

    As you can install undercabinet lighting yourself without the need for an electrician, they are a pocket-friendly way to add some extra lighting to your kitchen. Rechargeable battery lights are often the most affordable option.

    Add Value to the Home

    As undercabinet lighting is such a unique feature, if you’re looking to sell your house, they can really add value. When they’re installed correctly, they can enhance the look of the kitchen and make it stand out to potential buyers.

    Safe to Use

    LED undercabinet lighting is safe to use as the bulbs don’t get anywhere near as hot as a traditional halogen bulb. This means that there is less risk of the light damaging the wood of your cupboard, or creating a fire hazard.

    The Benefits of Undercabinet Lighting in Your Home

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    How to make your winter garden as vibrant as the summer

    Gardeners often fall into the trap of simply waiting for spring to tend to their garden and wait out the winter with a baron set of flower patches. However, there are so many flowers that can provide a great colour and look to a winter garden. Greenery with splashes of pinks, blues and reds even through the coldest part of the year can give a great contrast with the frosty look of the rest of your land.

    How to make your winter garden as vibrant as the summer


    Sometimes also known as ‘the glory of snow’ this hardy plant can produce its mellowing, pale blue flower even when on the ground in the snow. It gives a real contrast to the many whites around it in the winter and its shape, a star with a deep-set centre, provides a unique look in the winter compared to the many other plants with a simpler flower.

    Winter jasmine

    If you need a climbing plant that will hold its flower for most of the winter whilst also managing to remain extremely fragrant even throughout the cold. Its bright yellow flowers contrast with its exposed branches can encircle any beds that you have to highlight the diversity that you have managed to create in your winter garden.


    In recent years there has been huge breeding of the primrose plants to allow them to flower for longer periods of time, often beginning in the winter months. One of the most varied plants offering a huge selection of colours to complement or contrast any other possible selection of flowers in your bed. Blues, reds, yellows or purples have transformed this hardy plant into a winter favourite for boxes or flower beds to give your garden huge potential.


    Another incredibly versatile plant which comes in many colours and can be either upright or trailing. Its structure gives it a deep green base with an array of different colours available for the flower. More delicate than some of the others on the list they are most suited for either window boxes or baskets to give a layer of colour and greenery at any level.

    Cyclamen Coum

    The neatest plant on this list giving a huge splash of colour all throughout December and January with a bright pink, interestingly shaped flowers, to perfectly complement other light plants in your winter garden.

    How to make your winter garden as vibrant as the summer

    Photo Credit: Roberta Sorge

    Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

    The range hood is perhaps the most important appliance in the kitchen … well, along with the stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, and any other piece of equipment you can’t live without. But, if you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, you really should give it more thought than you would a microwave or coffeemaker.

    The fact is that most of us don’t give the range hoods too much consideration. Yet, it’s the range hood that helps keep our homes healthy. Its purpose is to draw up all of the smoke, grease, fumes, and odours that are produced every single time we cook. But, just because it’s vital to maintaining clean indoor air doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful. Range hoods can be both functional and artful. Take your time finding the look that works best for your kitchen.

    Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

    Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen


    Copper range hoods are definitely rare. But, they are absolutely stunning. Like all metal range hoods, copper is durable, easy to maintain, and even anti-bacterial. Why not install a range hood that functions as it’s supposed to and acts as an eye-catching focal point?

    Want to make a completely unique statement? Go for iron. Customise an iron range hood with filigree accents, rivets, or a distressed look.

    The stainless steel look isn’t going anywhere fast. This is a metal that’s proven itself to be functional and beautiful all at once. Like any of the other metal range hoods – copper or iron, stainless steel offers a style that works with any kitchen décor – traditional or modern.

    Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

    Wood and Stucco

    A range hood made from wood? You might think that would be a fire hazard. Well, you’d be right. The trick here is that the actual range hood is made from aluminum. The cover is made from wood. Sometimes excessive dust can accumulate on metal range hoods because of the heat that’s generated. With an added cover and an air pocket in between, dust is minimal. So, the range hood will look fabulous and clean!

    Here’s another one you might not have ever come across: Stucco. Like the wood range hood above, the stucco is a covering that fits over an aluminum range hood. Stucco would look fabulous in a home designed with Mexican influences.

    Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

    Place Matters

    Modern range hoods are designed to fit any kitchen of any size and design. Small kitchens that need to maximize storage can benefit from under-the-counter range hoods. These fit right above the stove and right below a set of cupboards.

    Chimney-style range hoods are installed against the wall but without any cupboards above. The chimney is there to cover the ductwork that would be exposed and visible. It rises up from the range hood to the ductwork in the ceiling.

    Island range hoods hang suspended from the ceiling and are positioned directly over a cooktop installed in an island. They make cooking and entertaining very easy because you’ll never have to stand with your back to your friends and family.

    Which style of range hood would you like best in your kitchen?

    Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

    Range Hoods Inc is a premium retailer for all things kitchen-related. We carry trusted brands with a focus on customer satisfaction. With a decade of industry experience, Range Hoods Inc has something for everyone. For more information, visit us at