When emerging from winter, many view this as the best time to grow and start fresh given the natural feelings in the spring season. The time is perfect for decluttering and deeply cleaning everything in your home so you can move into the warmer months with a fresh new attitude towards keeping your house in top shape.… View Post

Decorating a bathroom can be a daunting and difficult task with many not thinking it to be that important. However, nearly everyone who comes to your house is going to use it making it very important that it looks good, clean and offers a high level of functionality. This is one of the hardest rooms in the house to decorate but here are some ideas on how to improve the aesthetic of your bathroom.… View Post

Spring is the perfect time to clear and balance our homes. When our homes are balanced we invite more positivity into our lives.

Feng Shui is about maximising our potential through enhancing our space. It’s about guiding, balancing and optimising the energy within a space to achieve the greatest benefit for the occupants.… View Post

Spring cleaning is an important annual event for many households and is the best time to blow away the cobwebs of winter and transform your home from the closed off, darker space of winter to a bright and fresh space. Preparation for such an event is key and trying to clean your whole home with no planning can make the task all the more challenging so you need to get familiar with what needs to be done.… View Post

The current climate we live in means we’re not up to spending too much time outside. With snow in some parts of the country, freezing temperatures across the board, and a few days of sun we’ve been desperately praying for, planning to spend time outside is exhausting! However, now is a good time to try and clear up your gardening plans, and make a bit of money at the same time. Here are some good ways to make a bit of extra cash from your garden, seeing as you’ve got a lot to do with the space anyway!
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