Having to live in a tiny home is bad enough without it having to look as cramped as it is. One of the strongest instincts people have is to fight to be free. When you are stuck with practically no space to move we often feel that our freedom is impacted. With a few clever tricks to make a space feel roomier you will soon feel that you can breathe again.… View Post

One of the thoughts that often comes when looking at timeless, classic furniture is how much will it cost.  If you are looking for budget-friendly designs that also deliver on style? Then head over to online furniture store Nöa & Nani; a fantastic go-to brand for quality, solid wood furniture with a surprisingly affordable price tag. Offering an extensive range of dining sets, bed frames, living room furniture and storage solutions, the on-trend collection is perfect for the modern living space, catering to every room in the home.… View Post

Nooks are actually just a bit extra you got thrown in when you bought or leased your home and they can come in quite handy if you know how to use them. Think up a few ideas of your own and enjoy what you can do with the tiny area. This is particularly true for a window box nook as they are just a blessing in any home, another way of getting some sun to fight depression.… View Post