This year, Bensons for Beds welcomes stunning new additions to its luxury Bespoke Collection; offering an updated range of premium mattresses, headboards, and beautifully British crafted bedroom furniture accessories, perfect for that finishing touch to compliment any bedroom.

The exquisite Bespoke Collection, has been specifically designed so shoppers can truly personalise every element of their bed and sleep space, creating a serene sanctuary, tailored to their home. The collection offers a vast range of customisable beds and bedroom furnishings, with 18 lustrous upholstery fabrics and colours to choose from.… View Post

The Big Spring Clean // Time To Take Your …

The Big Spring Clean // Time To Take Your Home Back to Basics

It’s so easy to accumulate ‘stuff’. With new things coming into the home all the time, replacements for items being bought, it’s easy to put things into a cupboard or drawer where they get forgotten and sit unused for evermore. On top of this, there are jobs in the home that just don’t need doing every time you clean, and only need doing a few times a year. For this reason, it’s well worth embracing the ‘spring clean’ and taking your home back to basics- getting it clean and beautiful and getting rid of anything you no longer need. Not only will this make keeping it tidy easier, but it can reduce stress too and help you to stay more organised. Getting rid of things you don’t need frees up space for the items that you do use and love, making them easier and quicker to find. Here are some ideas for your spring cleaning to- do list.… View Post

Living By Yourself – The Pros And Cons!

Living By Yourself – The Pros And Cons!

When you finish university, the biggest questions that most people have is where they’re going to live now. You might not necessarily want to stay sharing a flat with your uni mates, and if you haven’t met someone yet, then that rules cohabiting out. Because you’ve lived relatively independently for the past few years, you probably won’t like the idea of moving back in with your parents either. For most, this leaves only one option – Living by yourself. If this is something that you’re considering, then here are a few pros and cons for you to think about.… View Post

How to Love Your First Long Haul Family …

How to Love Your First Long Haul Family Holiday

As parents often it’s easy to worry about the judgement of others, while on planes, trains and travelling in general. It is all too easy to take the casual gaze of strangers to heart. Sadly, many of us worry so much about our children’s behaviour and what other people think, that we avoid going on the big adventures.… View Post

Make Your Next Night Out Memorable

Make Your Next Night Out Memorable

A good night out isn’t always about getting as smashed as possible, staying out all night or being the one that pulls. Quite often, the best nights out are the ones that give us new positive experiences, whether its new people or new places. If going out has become a dull ritual in which you hang around with the same people in the same places, it could be time to shake things up. … View Post